On August 29, 2016, the Federal Aviation Administration published new rules regarding the use of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (popularly called “drones”) for commercial purposes.  Prior to this legislation, 14 CFR 107, drone use was only legal for recreational purposes.  Legally, you could not use drone footage for aerial photography, mapping or agricultural purposes even if it was for your own company.

This lead to some really unique legal cases as realtors that used drones for aerial photos of properties were accused of breaking federal law.  Some drone operators who posted footage on YouTube were also accused when Google would place ads in the footage – the videos were now generating ad income and the operators were breaking the law as drones couldn’t be used commercially.

The new Part 107 law made it legal for commercial use as long as the drone pilot was licensed and followed the regulations governing flights.   At Central Mass Aerial, we’re licensed and are happy to work with customers to produce great images and videos in a safe manner.  We look forward to working with you!