Construction aerial photos and mapping can help in a number of ways:

  • Developers can see and measure the construction areas before work has even begun.  2D and 3D maps allow engineers to perform a site survey quickly and easily and develop more accurate time estimates for projects.
  • Banks can see how construction is progressing and compare progress over time to help foresee or avoid cost overruns.  Time-lapse videos can track progress and make a great final present to the buyer.
  • Work and materials can be quickly measured by size or volume.
  • Orthographic maps stitch together hundreds of high-resolution photos to produce incredibly detailed photographs for site planning.
  • Easily document site size and activities for insurance purposes and environmental impacts.
  • Improve safety by inspecting structures and equipment using high-resolution images and movies instead of putting workers in a potentially dangerous situation.

At Central Mass Aerial, our construction products range from simple overhead pictures documenting work to full 2D and 3D mapping – data that can be imported into AutoDesk engineering solutions.

Temporary entrance, Westminster Estates, Westminster, Massachusetts
See how site preparation progresses
See how site preparation progresses


An orthographic map allows for a complete site overview, as well as measurements and even 3-D maps that can be shared!
An orthographic map allows for a complete high-resolution site overview.  Easily do on-screen measurements and even create 3-D maps that can be shared!