The unexpected photograph

The most fun I have with aerial photography is being able to show a perspective that’s unexpected.  Using your imagination in conjunction with the ability to quickly change camera angles and distances can yield some really unique and amazing photographs.

In the picture below, I was photographing one of my favorite buildings in Leominster – St. Cecilia’s Church.  This church is located in the French Hill neighborhood east of the center of the city and is incredibly beautiful.  It’s a physically large and dominating building and I like to think it marks the gateway to the city.   It’s so large that you can see it nearly a mile away on the highway, 190.   Its green roof can be seen thrusting up from the treeline and it provides Leominster with that iconic New England symbol: the church steeple dominating the skyline.

This morning, I noticed when I was lining up to take a photo of the back of the church, that the roofline actually had three steeples above it (the middle is actually in the middle of the roof and can’t easily be seen) – and all were capped with a cross.  I experimented for a few minutes with getting just the right alignment and height and then used post-processing in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to bring out details in the sky (it was a very bland, overcast day) and convert it to black & white.  The resulting image shows the spires of the church overlooking part of the town.

I really like the finished photograph and I doubt many people in town even know about the three crosses on top of this magnificent church.  Showing the usual in a new light is what photography is all about.

Black and White photo of the crosses of St Cecilia in Leominster, Mass

You just have to get outside!

It’s easy to stay indoors during these cold winter months in New England.  However, if you do you’re missing some of the most beautiful scenery!  Here in Leominster we’re blessed with a multitude of parks that are fun to visit.  Sometimes, a beautiful photo is just waiting to be discovered – you just have to go!

Doyle Reservation barn door

I love winter

Fall may be a favorite New England season, but I don’t think there’s anything prettier than the forest after a fresh snowfall.

Morning snowfall, Leominster, Massachusetts 12-30-2016

The holidays approach

Our town is decked for the holidays and awaits the first big snow.  Took this picture this evening, as the sun was going down.  A New England beauty!

Leominster’s Monument Square at dusk in December